SOUPER Souls and Bowls Visitor

If you have questions about this or other volunteer opportunities, please call 786.866.8680.

When: January 1, 2016
Where: Miami Beach, FL
Organizer: Lori Tabachnikoff
Contact: Lori Tabachnikoff at ltabachnikoff@gmjf.org
Summary: Volunteer a SOUPER opportunity! Make a soup delivery with your friends and or family and do something great for our community!

Event Details


SOUPER Souls and Bowls provides Kosher, nutrient rich soup for Jewish community members who are under the weather, are homebound seniors and holocaust survivors that are in need of a friendly visit and could benefit from a nutritious SOULful meal. Volunteers will deliver a parve kosher soup provided by the Jewish Volunteer Center volunteers. Volunteers will be placed into our visitor data base who will take the soup with them for delivery when we are called upon by the greater community.


Homes of older adults and holocaust survivors through out Miami.

Miami Beach, FL

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